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A certified natural cosmetic line from Germany, tailored for contemporary and sustainable demanding customers, Certified Natural Cosmetic Made In Germany

Pure Elements Germany

- The Green Series Pure Elements Chi Energy
This series is appropriate for each type of skin and contains besides pure, by sun light charged rock crystals, also specific ether oil mixtures except Chi foot and leg gel Energy with chest nuts, combined by our Feng Shui consultant.

- The Anti Aging Series Pure Elements Chi Energy
It is our objective with the Anti‐Age Series to address customers who used conventional cosmetics in the past.
To achieve this objective the following criteria need to be obtained:
pleasant scenting, pleasant skin feeling
best compatibility, high efficiency.

- The Men Series Pure Elements Chi Energy
A natural, high quality men care series, coming up to the stressed men skin. The involved valuable care materials like almond oil, shea butter and Q10 Liposome care the skin smoothly and intensive. The contained pure rock crystals donate additional  Energy. We managed to find a natural and at the same time a male striking aroma.

- The Baby Care Series Pure Elements
Baby’s skin has very specific claims, it is very tender and sensitive, therefore it needs a mild and pure natural nursing care. For this reason we use for our care products exclusively and consequently pure biologic commodities. We want that your baby always feels delightful, recovered and spoiled and you can take care for your baby carefree with the safe feeling to do this with the right products.

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