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PureBeau Permanent Makeup

purebeau permanent makeup - Purebeau Magic Liner
Purebeau Magic Liner - The High Tech Magic Liner has been incredibly popular since the day PUREBEAU was founded and offers a great tool to get you started in the world of PUREBEAU permanent make-up. The control unit is inside a robust, fully aluminium casing and operated via an easy-to-read display panel. The...

Dhs. 10,000.00

Purebeau TRS 250
Purebeau TRS 250 - Allow us to inspire you with highest quality standards for technology, workmanship and design. This precision tool comes in a purist-design body made entirely of aluminium and is a real eye-catcher in its boldly upright position. That makes the TRS 250 a true joy to work...

Dhs. 15,000.00

permanent makeup - eyebrow - antique
PureBeau Permanent Makeup  eyebrow - color: antique

Dhs. 250.00


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