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Caviar Night Cream

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Caviar Night Cream uses the technique of slow absorption to penetrate the skin through the hours of the night. Further more this unique product has water soluble properties that work great in clean the Skin from pretty much anything.

Removing Makeup for example works perfectly when using this product. The combination of gold and caviar removes dirt particles as well as most of the makeup remainders or traces which makes it perfect as a night cream after a day out.

This product contains both caviar and gold the building blocks of our Golden Skin Line

Gold in general has many properties : being weather resistant being a natural mineral and having a stunning yellow color. But besides all that gold has a big positive impact on the skin. First of all it clears the skin from fiber.

Gold also increases the skins oxygen content and eliminates fatigue. Collagen which is an important protein when it comes to beauty because of his skin smoothing abilities starts depleting at certain ages, that’s where gold come in handy because regulates the collagen production in the body.

Gold has a great History counting back to the old Egyptians for example, Cleopatra one of the empires queens use gold as a cosmetic treatment to keep her youthful and glowing skin.

Talking about the old Egyptians they didn’t only use it for the cosmetic benefits but also for the antioxidant property, which cured patients from many diseases and allergies. But we still have another ingredient which is very fascinating : caviar.

Caviar which we know for the great taste has endless benefits. Being rich in amino acids which is an organic compound that is irreplaceable for skin cells and the facial muscles you can call it our skins food intake.

After the amino acids are absorbed from the cells they are put together into proteins with different objectives from structuring the cells to energy production.


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