Hyaluronic Acid

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 Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is used effectively to maintain the freshness and hydration of the skin and therefore it is used by cosmetic and skin care doctors during their treatment plans for facial wrinkles, and dry skin problems, as hyaluronic acid has a tremendous ability to absorb water up to 1000 times its weight of water, so, it traps water and stabilizes it in the skin, and then redistributes it As needed. Hyaluronic acid is a natural acid found in the body of all its organs, and in particular it affects the skin and connective tissues in the joints, as it works to support the layers of skin below the collagen that connect with each other to form connective tissue, which is known as molecular sponge, and is also characterized by its sticky nature, It helps lubricate the joints, making them is easy to move and giving them the desired shape. The average human body contains about 15 grams of hyaluronic acid, but a third of this acid is consumed daily in the body, and replaced continuously until the age of thirty so the acid is not renewed at the same rate, but rather begins to decrease and is said that by the age of fifty, almost half of the body's supply of it has been lost, This, in turn, causes the complexion to lose its elasticity and softness. This acid stores the water in the skin, and maintains its moisture, which explains the use of hyaluronic acid for the skin as it maintains its moisture and youth. Because it has a tremendous capacity to absorb water equal to a thousand times its size, it maintains it and distributes it to cells, body tissues, and the first layers of the skin.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid for the skin are numerous, which made it among the options for the freshness of the skin announced by cosmetic clinics, other than most medical and skincare products contain the same acid, also it stores the moisture in the body naturally, thus helping to restore skin elasticity, especially for those over the age of 35. It contributes to filling the skin's voids and thus reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Hyaluronic acid penetrates the upper layers of the skin and reaches the dermis below collagen, and is therefore considered one of the best deep moisturizers for the skin.

As well Hyaluronic acid stimulates stem cells to produce new, more youthful cells, and thus a greater amount of collagen, which maintains the skin's youth and elasticity. It allows the accumulation of the important protein to support the cells under the skin, thus feeding the skin cells through the capillaries, It is used to moisturize the skin as it not only permeates the skin, but its location near the outer skin layer allows for increased skin elasticity and keeping the skin smooth and healthy, Its results are immediate and can be seen quickly, especially in the case of injection sessions. It helps improve joint strength and overall body health and protect the skin from the UVB rays of the sun as well as the reactive oxygen types it generates, which can cause tanning. It is used to enlarge and blow the lips as well as the cheeks, and Helps repair damaged cells and damaged tissues due to age, at the same time It Enhances collagen content in connective tissues. It is an effective treatment to a prevent skin fungi that affect the surface of the skin. Helps restore radiance and radiance to the sun damaged skin and from smoking if mixed with cosmetic injections with a number of other vitamins that nourish the skin, and use those syringes in the area of the forehead or lips and eye wrinkles. It plays an effective role as an anti-oxidant, as it traps the free radicals that lead to skin ageing.

There is more than one method that guarantees you to obtain a good percentage of hyaluronic acid for the skin, and that percentage varies according to the method, and the extent of the body's susceptibility to it, and this is what the doctor determines based on the nature of each case. Hyaluronic acid is also available in the form of injections, so the hyaluronic acid itself is injected either in the forehead area to treat the signs of ageing and wrinkles, as hyaluronic acid fills the surface wrinkles in an automatic way, and those deeper such as those caused by the loss of subcutaneous fat as in the lips or cheeks Note that this feature is limited to injection. The use of hyaluronic acid injections are related to the extent of its hardening, as the molecules composed of hyaluronic acid are linked with chemical bridges between them. Hyaluronic acid can also be used to inject lips that suffer from chronic dryness, after the injection session the lips swell for about 48 hours, and moisturizing in the depths appears after a week of the injection session and the effect of the injection lasts from 4 to 8 months. While some doctors prefer to use hyaluronic acid with another group of vitamins and minerals to make small, separate surface injections on the face, neck, and hands to work to combat signs of ageing, these injections are ideal treatment for women who smoke or have significantly affected skin due to excessive sun exposure, as it can improve Skin quality enhances its radiance and radiance. For injections filling the wrinkles into the forehead and around the mouth, the doctor initially applies an anesthetic cream to the skin, before injecting thick (somewhat) hyaluronic acid into the wrinkles, auras, or deep cavities, and then gently massages the areas that have been pricked with needles to distribute the product in an equal manner, usually The effect of this injection lasts about 12 months. As for volume-amplified injections such as used to enlarge the lips or cheeks, the thicker hyaluronic acid is used to fill the lips or temples, and the effect lasts about a year and a half.

Thanks to its effective role in moisturizing and revitalizing the skin cells, there are creams containing hyaluronic acid for different skin available in pharmacies, the most important when choosing to choose the preparation with a liquid or serum formula if your skin is oily, but if your skin is dry or advanced in age, it is better to choose a cream with creamy composition.

It should also be noted when choosing creams containing hyaluronic acid for the skin that the smaller the molecule of hyaluronic acid, it penetrates deeper into the skin, while large hyaluronic acid settles in the upper layer of the skin and forms as a protective film.

Creams containing hyaluronic acid for the skin are also an ideal choice to protect the skin from external factors (such as exhausts, climatic fluctuations, the sun and the effect of cigarette smoke). Therefore, these creams can be used for young women and women of age at the same time, as they are used in night and day creams alike.

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