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Day and Night Cream

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day and night cream hyaluronic

What makes the Étre Belle Hyaluronic 3 Day & Night Cream special?

Starting off with the hyaluronic acid, we are looking at an acid which is common in the human body and thus a fully organic ingredient.

To maximize the benefits of this component we came up with a triple stage approach to get everything out of the basis of our hyaluronic line: the day and night cream.

In the first stage the epidermis receives a moisturizing treatment which not only sets the skin up for the second stage but opens the pores for more absorption. The second stage is the hyaluronics playground, the hyaluronic with its epithelizational properties help damaged and weak skin cells recover.

When looking at the optical results of hyaluronic on the surface of the skin, we are getting rid of wrinkles and lines that cover the skin.

That’s all through the healing and filler properties that come along the hyaluronic acid and the activity in the skins epidermis.

The third stage or the so called “Purification-phase”, cleans and intoxicates the skin through the combination of grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil.

The Tri-Stage treatment grants the consumer a moisturized, bulged, smoother and clear skin, the key factors for the optimal youth appearance.

The benefits of this product are both short and long term. The combination of Day & Night in one Cream comes in handy when it comes to temporal and monetary reasons.

Applying this product once mornings and once in the evening doesn’t only save time but indeed does save money too instead of buying separate product for different timings , when it comes to the hyaluronic treatments it is unnecessary. Furthermore our hyaluronic line is free of parabens which are preservatives that may lead to skin irritations and ultimately to allergic responses on the skins surface.



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