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Quicklift Roll On Eye Serum - Hyaluronic

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 Quicklift Roll On Eye Serum

Quicklift Roll On - is a product designed for the convenience of the costumer. It’s a roll that the costumer uses on his/her eye area, through a quasi-massage motion the short and long chain hyaluronic get into the skin for further treatment. With the massage motions we are making that the skin is completely calm and relaxed which means that the pores are open and “welcoming” the applied product in this case the hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is and endogenous which makes it completely organic and natural can store up big amounts of water from the skins epidermis, with that said it gives us many effects both visual and indistinct.

It supports, smoothens and tightens the skin. The Water storing property gives the hyaluronic the popular filling effect on the skin.

On areas like eye area which are exposed to many optical impurities like the effects of insomnia like eye bags or the aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines the effects of the hyaluronic acid work for an overall fit and young skin.

Lifting without injections or any surgery is a phenomenon to put in mind when talking about hyaluronic as it truly is a way of lifting and tightening the skin with endogenous materials by simply applying the serum using the Roll-On.

This product is optimal for swollen eyelids and eye sacks. Start your day off by applying the product mornings for a fresh and moisture feeling and by suppressing the sleepy appearance after waking up.

You can apply the product up to two times the first in the morning as described and the second time in the evening. Applying the roll in the evening helps with regeneration of the skin and decreases swelling that emerge through the day, another advantage for the evening treatment is the fact that the hyaluronic can work very effective because the pores are open and relaxed throughout the which is optimal for such a Skin care treatment.


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