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Eye Cream Hyaluronic

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The eye specific product of our hyaluronic line not only shares the advantages of all our hyaluronic products but also has its own effects on the eye area.

First of all it shares the same multi stage treatment with all our other hyaluronic Products.

This multi stage treatment consists of three levels, the first or the preparation stage moisturizes the skin which isn’t only a pleasurable feeling but also opens the pores for more absorption throughout the treatment.

The second stage is the phase where the hyaluronic actively removes wrinkles and fine lines through the filling properties.

Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous acid which has the capability of storing 6000 more water than its actual weight, which gives the skin a fuller view and ultimately leaves the skin clear of the wrinkles and lines that might appear with the age passing.

The third phase cleans and intoxicates the pores with the help of many natural oils like grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil.

The combination of all three stages purifies the skin and grants it with a moisture and overall bulgy feeling and appearance.

Now to the eye specific properties of this product. The eye area is the first area for aging signs to appear and that’s where the filling contribution of the hyaluronic acid comes in handy by removing the visual signs like wrinkles etc...

Furthermore the Étre Belle eye cream removes all signs of sleepiness and insomnia one of them being eye bags or dark spots around the eye, and the feeling of swollen eyelids. The effects of this product are short and long term.

This products and our hyaluronic line as a whole are free of parabens which are preservatives that may lead to skin irritations and ultimately to allergic responses on the skins surface.


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